Stop Tutting and do Something About it.

Now I did say that I was going to be a little more positive about things, but this blog at first seems moany, but it picks up later I promise! I’ve got the chimney sweep coming in an hour and I’m still not ready for him, so it’s just a quick on.

Need to know, I know (believe me, I wrote one about my bowel problem then deleted it: too much information), but I’ve had this little patch of eczema under my left nostril – more on than off – for years now. It gets really very itchy and sore –  also the odd time that I put make-up on, it exacerbates the irritation.

I’d mentioned this to the doctor earlier in the year when the patch spread a little. She prescribed a low percentage cortisone cream which I tried, but just as it seemed to be getting better, it would flare up again. It’s not helped that I’ve developed a persistent bacterial infection in my nose; both no doubt due to the stress of being disabled and living under such a disability-friendly government.

I pointed it out to the doctor towards the end of my consultation on Monday (not the government, my eczema), but she just said (in her slightly pissed off manner, due, I think to my cost to the NHS), ‘cortisone can irritate it; just use moisturiser.’

Later that evening, I sat at home all ‘foldski armi’ muttering to myself ‘Moisturiser?! Tut’: ‘MOISTURISER??!!” TUT’: ‘She must think I’m stupid!’ I only know this because moisturiser really doesn’t work on my facial skin when I’ve eczema – even the stuff that the doctor prescribes; it makes the itching much worse. It’s only a little thing, but when you’ve got so much else physically to face, things like that can make you miserable.

Anyway, yesterday, it was worse than ever – a bright red ring stretching from one nostril, around the mouth, all over the chin, to the other side of my mouth and towards the other nostril. The make-up the previous day had obviously affected it.

What can I do I thought? I remembered when I used to self-harm that honey applied to a plaster or bandage helped the wound to heal more quickly (another story), so I searched under the terms ‘natural topical remedy for eczema’, and found a lot of hits. Some were selling remedies, but other ones showed you how to make your own remedy. Apparently cider vinegar with water and also olive oil help, so I decided to mix the 3 and dab some on before bed.

Hey presto! The rash has reduced by at least half since yesterday! No doubt my skin will get used to the home-made remedy, but there are other easily obtained things that you can use too, like honey, cucumber and chamomile tea.

Here are a couple of the sites:

If only I could be more proactive with regard to the rest of my problems; I must remind myself to stop tutting and do something about it!


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