A tribute to Michael Meacher

Comment: I noted that not a day later, his widow, Baroness Meacher was spearheading a campaign to stop the tax credits cuts in it’s tracks (perhaps giving 3 years grace).

I was utterly touched by this. Meacher had a brief illness; no one was expecting him to die, but true to their shared principles, Baroness Meacher put her grief to one side in order to fight for the working poor; a suitable epitaph for a man who spent his life doing the same.

We badly needed you Michael, but now you can rest in peace knowing that your dear wife will continue your work.

Politics and Insights

201378_115847Celebrating the 65th birthday of the NHS

I’m so saddened to hear that veteran Michael Meacher, MP for Oldham West and Royton, has passed away. He was a strongly principled, thoroughly decent MP and the loss of such a great man is a huge loss to the Labour Party. He will be very much missed.

Michael, the former Labour environment minister who served in the governments of Harold Wilson, James Callaghan and Tony Blair, died aged 75 after a short illness.

The MP for Oldham West and Royton kept his seat with a 14,738 majority at the 2015 general election and was one of  the of MPs to support Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership contest.

He described Corbyn’s election as a “seminal day in British politics, marking the coming together of the two great conditions needed for transformational change”.

Michael was a hardworking Member of Parliament from 1970 until…

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