Mysterious Glowing Orb in the Sky

This footage below is quite amazing.

It reminds me of last year when I was on my way home driving up the the hill before the hill I live on. The sun was I would say around the 2pm level in the sky; it was only slightly hazy.

Literally, a short distance beside it, there was another luminary to the left of it, smaller, but distinctly visible. I mentioned it to the person who was driving, but they didn’t even blink lol! Sometimes I think that we could have a full on alien invasion and you’d point it out to someone, and they’d say, ‘Oh yeah! Now, back to ‘East Enders’!

For sure, there are numerous things that we still can’t figure out concerning this universe.

To play clip on the Chicago Tribune page: if you have add blocking software, then you’ll need to shut it off for this (remember to put it back on before you exit the page so that you’re not tracked) and reload the page; once you click on the ‘flash’ link on the screen, look for the ‘allow flash’ in the grey drop down tool bar above on the right; once you’ve clicked on that, on the left hand side of the tool bar click ‘allow now’.


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