Enemies Within the Gates

This is just an observation – which agrees with what some commentators have pointed out below the various newspaper articles on the subject.

Firstly, I sat here today, and when looking at the headlines about food banks, and I started reading the recent study published by the Fabian Society, I realised that I’d never get over the shock of the realisation that food distribution to the poor was not only occurring within our society. but was growing like never before, like some kind of 3rd world underclass within a first world society, similar to what you see in places like Brazil.

Prior to food banks appearing, people suffered; I suffered personally. Now it might just mean that your benefit payment was late – usually the ‘giro is in the post’ situation, or later when the DWP paid benefits direct, there might have been a technical problem that was soon resolved. Yes, over the years I’ve gone without food or electricity for a time, but I always knew that the DWP would sort the problem out soon, that next week I would have enough money for a meal.

That’s all changed. I was thinking last night, that if my Grandparents came back now, they’d shake their heads in despair at people and children going hungry and cold; they would wonder what was the point of winning the war, if British citizens ended up being starved by their own government? When I think about it, I still have a pit in my stomach at the thought of such suffering.

As is oft said, even criminals get 3 square meals a day, which must mean that the unemployed and disabled are classed as below the criminal community. Makes sense really, I mean successful criminals, apparently, add growth to our economy (another fact glibly released that should mortify anyone). We’re just ‘useless eaters’ and add nothing to our economy, only the fact that we spend most of our benefits rather than save, which actually means that we do add something.

The Fabian report says that the government should phase out food banks by 2020; I thought to myself: ‘ARE THEY MAD?!’. Fair enough, food banks shouldn’t exist in a wealthy country, and the publication points that out in so many words. They want everyone to have food security, and the government should obviously act to make sure of that, but being that they’re cutting the benefits again of the unemployed, disabled, and poor employed, that ain’t going to happen. I honestly don’t know why these think-tank organisations go to the expense of writing these reports, because they state the obvious; wouldn’t the cost of such research be better spent by them donating the money to the poor? I shake my head as I’m writing dear reader.

That report is here: http://foodandpoverty.org.uk/publication-hungry-for-change/

Anyway, back to the news of the last couple of days. The articles I was reading this morning – and felt very uncomfortable about – were these in the Guardian newspaper:



Like others, I thought to myself that it’s hard enough facing the discriminating attitude at the Job Centres, let alone the same people offering ‘advice; within a food bank. It mentioned that they would help with job searching, but if they can’t find millions of jobs for people via the Job Centres and Work Programmes (BECAUSE THERE AREN’T MILLIONS OF JOBS IN THE ECONOMY), how on earth do they expect it to be any different just because the DWP are placing staff in food banks?!

To me it smacks of an underhanded way of putting pressure on even more people who are already stressed out. For people with mental health problems for example, they may well stop attending food banks if they feel they’ll have to face additional intrusion into their already troubled lives.

I visited a food bank last year – not to use it – but to drop a few things off and talk the people running the food bank. They offered me a drink first, thinking that I was coming to use the food bank. I asked them if they ever ran out of food, and they said quite often, especially around Christmas; they had to turn away hungry families, which was obviously very distressing. There were a lot of helpers there, and it looked as if it wasn’t just a food bank, more like a sanctuary where people were able to discuss their problems, and also obtain practical help. The caring atmosphere amongst such kind people must be of great comfort to those who are not only desperate for food, but who also are humiliated at having to do something that they feel really amounts to begging, which makes the experience far worse.

If the DWP put their staff in food banks across the country, I hope that they will fully insure those persons. Many who attend food banks will be in a desperate frame of mind, and after all of the bullying and abuse that they are regularly exposed to in any contact they have with the DWP, they are unlikely to tolerate an imposition within their last sanctuary, the food bank. Consequently, They may well in fact consider those DWP officers an imminent threat to the well being of themselves and their families; an unbalanced and starved mind can prove to be very volatile thing: the DWP may literally become the enemies within the gates.


12 thoughts on “Enemies Within the Gates

  1. I agree with you. The thought of DWP staff in food banks has many disturbing implications. Rather than donate staff donating money to buy food would be helpful. So what is it? Another hi-jacking of a charity to the government agenda? After the DWP have got their foot in the door will they take over? If the DWP is directly responsible for some welfare claimants not receiving benefits – to which they are entitled – dumping them into destitution, will DWP staff in food banks continue the policy and control who gets to eat – of not?

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    1. I hadn’t thought of those issues! Likely if we can imagine it, people will do it.

      If they feel no guilt for denying people their benefit income in the first place, they’ll not lose sleep if they deny them food at the food bank.

      The charities should give them short shrift. In this case it is a charity run by the Catholic church, and it’s disgusting of them even to have had a meeting with IDS, let alone allow his employees into the poor person’s sanctuary! Hopefully, The Trussel Trust, being C of E, won’t touch this project with a barge pole.

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  2. Nobody much has said I but I do the final solution of their aktion t4 plan first they came for those disabled then they came for those who couldnt work now its the unemployed and the poor paid look at their measly words help back to work whot work but the work house were one is stacking shelves for that salvation army or cancer charity yes they feed the poor only wanting them to work for it yes the tories final solution jeff3

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    1. I’d never even imagined our current state Geoff, and it seems that they just want to continue to cut. With the DWP not uprating benefits in line with inflation now, their value will fall year on year. After 10 – 15 years more of them in power, some benefits may prove worthless.


  3. DO YOU really want to understand what is happening to you, your life and your country??
    Knowledge really is power. The real power is derived from the MANY knowing because the Powers cant fight the many standing side by side.

    aka govts are NOT BROKE they have hidden MUCH of our money so they can introduce austerity and pretend we are to blame. COOKED BOOKS.

    I am am offering a couple of individuals names & links I am hoping you will take a look at. Forget they are AMERICAN because what is going on is happening across the world & essentially most began in Britain.

    For some you will only want to get a general idea but a few will go deeper. We don’t all learn from the same information, you might find something better. Share this with others.
    Just watch yourself grow.

    Walter Burien is the leading expert on Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs). Beginning in 1990, Walter began documenting how governments manipulate their books to hide public money, but reveal part of what they do in CAFRs. I discovered Walter’s work in 2012, read CAFRs for the state of California, the City of Los Angeles, and Los Angeles County, and verified his information as correct

    Corporation Nation with Clint Richardson and Tami Pepperman June 20, 2014

    See how your surame is explained at around 20mins

    THE GREAT PENSION FUND HOAX – Corporation Nation 2 – Duration: 3:54:44. by TheCorporationNation29,274 views

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    1. Hi judynz!

      Thanks for your comment and the links that you gave. I’ve been informing myself about these things even before the internet came about. We only had newspapers back then of course, but you could still see how governments manipulated things as an excuse to attack the poor. Of course nowadays, there are any number of ‘documentaries’ on the subject, and I’ve followed those for some years now.

      Yes, what they are basing austerity on is a complete lie! The problem is that people read the gutter press and believe it. By word of mouth I try to inform people, but then being mostly housebound and rarely meeting new people, it makes that hard to get the message across.

      Thanks again.


  4. The national insurance scheme was brought in to make history the situation we have now (people starving in a wealthy country) . It was brought in by a generation which fought in WW2, and for the most part had seen the deprivation which preceded it. The situation now is shameful.


    1. Yes, shameful indeed. I never remember seeing such poverty as a child in the 60s and 70s. My poor neighbour is really suffering this week, but she won’t let me help her, so I try to do it in different ways. She needs cash though, and that she won’t accept! People are still proud though and don’t like accepting such help. I’ve never seen her be in such a state; she always coped so well (looking after her LD disabled adult son), but bedroom tax/council tax/and non dependents rent has had a bad impact on her income.

      Thanks for the comment.


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