Ripe for the Reaping

Let’s get one thing straight before any reader thinks that I’m ‘catastrophising’ or connecting the dots regarding the subject – when in fact they’re just dots at present (or are they?) – lets look at the facts. The dots that I’m referring to – with regard to ‘security’ in the UK – are well in place. Analysts warn that just the existence of those dots – though we live in a ‘democratic’ country – only have to be there, and if a less than democratic government gains power, every citizen of the UK would fall under scrutiny not seen since the Stasi or the KGB. Only, that’s already happened, GCHQ and others, were previously collecting the mass data sets of the U.K. population illegally – and despite the reassurances and compromises Theresa May announces – such intrusion will continue.

Back to the wonderful news this weekend – which is ‘on topic with the theme of this post – that Shaker Armer has finally been released; one wonders however if he will ever adjust to what has happened to him.

People kept in long term solitary confinement suffer from a psychiatric problem called ‘Special Housing Unit Syndrome’. They can hear voices, hallucinate, and experience the most extreme form of PTSD. Having been a sufferer of PTSD myself – though obviously not as severe – I know that your perception of things becomes warped, you jump at the slightest noise, you have chronic insomnia problems, and adrenaline is constantly in overdrive.

More about that here:

It was touching to hear that he was highly respected by the other inmates, and often stood up for them. How someone can care so much for others whilst also being subjected to inhumane treatment is beyond me.

We don’t yet know the full history of his confinement and torture, but reading an account from another inmate – who was blinded in one attack by the guards – provides some insight:

This man, Omar Degheyes didn’t take such attacks lying down; his attackers were actually frightened of him. Omar was a highly qualified man – a solicitor as well as multi-lingual – and had absolutely not done anything in support of terrorism, which the majority of all Guantanamo inmates will attest to. Many nevertheless did ‘confess’ due to the extreme violence perpetrated by their jailers and interrogators – some of whom were allegedly British.

And you would think that they could start to recover when released, but the thing I found shocking when the newspapers were announcing Armer’s release, is that they said he probably wouldn’t have to spend the first night in a police cell!! I literally shouted out in anger at the suggestion that doing such a thing was a possibility!! Can you imagine the effect on him had the security services actually done that?! Some former inmates are also refused passports; a punishment for what exactly? The lack of empathy in dealing with people by our government never ceases to amaze.

The former inmates think that it’s most likely that the security services are watching them, tracking their internet use, and tapping their phones – presumably because they are considered at risk of retaliating by becoming terrorists. Of course we remember Cameron’s speech back in July that outlined how the government is going to deal with both violent and non-violent extremism; you’d only have to state that you believed that 9/11 was an ‘inside job’, or promote any other kind of ‘conspiracy’ in order for the government to consider you a serious threat. Perhaps even if you happened to know someone who held such views, it may mark you as a non extremist who is against ‘British Values’.

Meantime, we have a Prime Minister who thinks it’s fine to invite the mass murderer Abdel Fatah as-Sisi – who has had killed over 2500 political opponents – here for a visit:

It’s a blast to propose Saudi Arabia to join and head up the UN’s Human Rights Council – when it has one of the worst records on human rights in the world – as well as Cameron selling them weaponry to use on their own citizens:

And it’s just dandy to be doing business with an equally deviant regime that certainly doesn’t espouse ‘British Values (but they’re going to try a bit harder):

I was thinking of the Psalm that King David (not our King David) wrote about the subject:

4. I have not sat with men of untruth;

And with those who hide what

they are,

I do no come in.

5. I have hated the congregation of evildoers,

And with the withe the wicked ones I do

not sit.

(Psalm 26 v 4,5)

So really, it’s completely justified for governments to parley, entertain, and do business with ‘extremists’ who actually commit violent acts against their people, but it’s not okay for a non-violent UK citizen to say that, for example, that our government is corrupt? I also had the thought that Cameron feels so at home with these human rights abusers, because actually his government has been violating quite a lot of human rights themselves, such that we’re a laughing stock on the world stage when Cameron tries to address the human rights issues of other countries. In fact he wants to scrap human rights here, and not have to adhere to international law: this has obviously rung certain warning bells for people.

No, apparently it’s not okay to dissent non violently. The UK Column – who highlight government corruption in their daily news programme – were warned that the government will ‘shut them down’ because they consider them extremists. Moreover, in future, Ofcom will actually filter and censor all television programmes to make sure they contain ‘British Values’. We presume that the government will also censor newspapers; after all over time the government have issued quite a few ‘d notices’. It seems as if Cameron has it all sewn up.

In a newspaper article that I was reading somewhere online over the weekend, the author asked if the readers had tempered what they said in phone conversations, in texts, and emails; I had to answer an honest ‘yes’. Not that I have said saying anything wrong, but the idea of ‘British Values’ is so broad, and the criteria to be considered as an extremest so flimsy, that I think it wise to act in such a way. As I stated above, I don’t think that for one minute that GCHQ and the others will adhere to these new compromises, and others feel the same:

So there you have it. The framework is now set up and dots about to be joined. The government has the ability to ring-fence the entire U.K. population. But you see, we don’t have to wait for an authoritarian government to be elected in order to implement such complete control; we already have one as evidenced by many abuses to U.K. citizens over the last 5 years, in fact for as long as I can remember. Due to that fact, many wholly innocent people – who don’t just happen to agree with how the Conservatives run this country – are now ripe for the reaping.


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