Our Christmas memorial service. 

Thank you for your tireless work. It gives hope to people that not all humans are selfish and cruel.

To even think that we even need a day to remind us of these deaths is disgusting. I still shake my head in disbelief that we have a government who is liable for these deaths, but that they remain unpunished.

If these things had happened 30 years ago, like when Thatcher removed housing benefits and brought in poll tax, there would have been a public outcry (and there was under Thatcher). Now the public have not only swallowed the propaganda, but ‘show them the bodies, and they still don’t care’.

I listened to a novel on Radio 4 set in the 1800s with themes of poverty and other things, and it may as well have been written today. We could have come so as a society by now; this is not the 1800s.

As a person of faith I know that I must not judge, but it becomes increasingly harder as even more hardship is foisted on the poor, when people are dying every day, more than British soldiers have lost their lives since the 1990s.

One thing for sure is that all of those perpetrators – from the simple DWP clerk, to those in power – will eventually face judgement for these crimes; I wouldn’t like to be in their shoes when they’re facing their God. Not all are like that of course, there are still those in the DWP fighting for the rights of the poor and refusing to punish people who have done nothing wrong. Some of them have really helped me over the years. Many of those lose their jobs eventually and new more ‘suitable’ staff are trained.

History will condemn this government: we must never forget all those who have lost their lives, and the families who remain devastated.

The poor side of life

Today was a great day. We held our now annual Christmas rememberence service outside Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre.

Despite a lot of planning you never quite know how it will go and how many people will turn up. But we had a very good turnout which was fantastic.

Word has got round about our weekly demos and we get a lot of support from the public these days. But it’s taken a long time to get that support. We’ve worked very hard doing this and we will continue to do so.

Of course, whilst setting out we were “welcomed” by the police. There was quite a few of them. We are a peaceful lot and have never been a bother to them, but they feel that they have to give us this attention. I do feel that some of them actually support our campaign which I’m very thankful for.


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