Corrupt Thought

I apologise that I haven’t had the psychological capacity to write much; I’ve been in meltdown due to deteriorating health, which not helped by the continued medical negligence that I’ve gone through these last 20 years (but I fortunately have a brilliant G.P.). I may write about it; I may not.

Anyway, I commented in the Guardian, so I thought I may as well publish that comment here; 2 birds with one stone:

I don’t agree with any government trying to gain overall control of the BBC, but let’s not pretend for one moment that they are impartial.

The coverage of the Scottish independence campaign was disgraceful; many of us saw the uncut versions of various interviews that revealed a completely different view of what was being said: that sort of manipulative journalism should not exist in an ‘independent’ broadcaster. Last year we also know that this government put pressure on the BBC if they didn’t cover the election a certain way. Currently, it’s no different, with presenters more interested in what Corbyn is wearing for example – during supposed ‘serious’ political interviews – than to highlight a fair discussion of issues on both sides. That the government – who has benefited from these actions – is now trying to force them to be impartial, is laughable.

I’ve stopped watching all political programmes and news programmes, including radio news, due to these machinations. Most newspapers aren’t any better at times, and whereas I used to spend some time each day reading the ‘news’ I barely read a couple of articles nowadays, because most articles don’t allow you a voice to comment in any case.

If we can’t be trusted with the truth of matters, not trusted to comment on important subject matter, when people are ridiculed and not given the chance to answer questions properly in interviews (The Daily Politics programme is a prime example of such tactics), what’s the point in taking notice of any news item that the media present? And this is vitally important for the psyche of a country: “But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.”


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