In a Matter of Days

I was just reading this article about the new ‘Call of Duty’ game ‘Infinite Warfare’:

Now why would I do that you ask? Well I’m not a gamer that’s for sure; not because I don’t like playing video, I really do, but I also have an addictive personality, and just with phone games a few years back, I could play 9 hours straight; mostly to deal with anxiety – I told myself – but I’ve been know to throw my phone across the room in anger if I was losing. Consequently, I stopped playing around 5 years ago. I never transferred to ‘proper’ gaming back then however; I knew what would happen if I did.

No, I was reading the article because I know my daughter’s partner is a keen gamer, and I was interested to hear that there have so far been over £1,600,000 ‘thumbs-down’ with regard to the new offering. I thought it would make a basis for some conversation; I’m often interested in things that other people are interested in, without actually engaging in such activities. Perhaps I’m a little manipulative in doing that; we all are in some ways I suppose.

I considered just how much time I had wasted by playing those games, as if I had nothing else to do, which actually I didn’t at the time; I’d just lost my hard fought for career, and was in a worse state psychologically than I’ve been this last 10 months. I came to an interesting sentence in the ‘6 Reasons Why Everyone is Hating on Call of duty however, and it rang true:

In the cauldron-like atmosphere of the online gaming community, every perceived industry mistake, misdemeanor or misunderstanding is greeted with a tsunami of rage so purposeful and unremitting that, if properly channeled, it could conceivably end world poverty in a matter of days.


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