Go Figure


(apologies that there are no links to some statements, but I wanted to get this out quickly before my fatigue kicks in; I’ll edit later).

All this talk about how building companies will suffer if we exit Europe, but with the size of the dole queue you’re not telling me that they couldn’t find people to train. Job Centre Plus could do their job, by connecting these building firms with suitable candidates from the ranks of the unemployed; similarly other companies.

The DWP could go halves on the training, and save money by scrapping the useless ‘work programmes’, in favour of matching people to REAL jobs that are available in the economy. Taking such people out of supermarkets – some who have bragged that 40% of their staff are from the work programme – and there are even more jobs available. Time for companies and industries to shell out some of their obscene profits to offer REAL apprenticeships!

Makes you wonder what the dole queue will look like after they followed such plans! Oh, I forgot, that means less money for all the government’s mates, so it’s unlikely to happen, but if we leave, perhaps it will be a case of ‘needs must’, and companies will be forced to employ U.K. citizens.

I can’t say which side I support nevertheless, because each side keeps exposing some aspect of their campaign, only for the other side saying the facts are wrong. Again; we can’t be trusted by giving us real information.

The argument I read somewhere last year said ‘Oh but immigrants benefit to the U.K. economy by over £400 every minute ‘. Fair enough, but if purely U.K. citizens took those jobs our economy would benefit just the same. What we do know is that there are over 2 million unemployed, many more that are ill and would like to work a little, and over 2 million EU citizens currently working in the UK, and expected to rise by over 300,000 every year: go figure!


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