Ripe for the Reaping

Let’s get one thing straight before any reader thinks that I’m ‘catastrophising’ or connecting the dots regarding the subject – when in fact they’re just dots at present (or are they?) – lets look at the facts. The dots that I’m referring to – with regard to ‘security’ in the UK – are well in … More Ripe for the Reaping

Are fascists over-compensating for their inferiority complex caused by their feminine side?

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Women carry a lot of favourable stereotypes. They commit less crime, are viewed as more moral and socially responsible, they are viewed as the kinder sex. As a child I quickly lost my view that females were emotionally and morally superior to males. I was soon repelled…

Musical Keys

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INTRODUCTION This is an account of a Musical Keys session for autistic people that took place between 4:30 and 6PM on Monday. The photos I shall be sharing include some pictures of myself and the other people at the group. Everyone was aware that these pictures were being taken and that…