The Shoe Just Wasn’t Big Enough

I was reading another article about today, full of useful statistics. Ready to add my comments to the debate, I scrolled down only to find that yet again the ‘Guardian’ newspaper had only allowed 5 hours before closing the thread; the other article I was interested in commenting on – – was restricted to 2 … More The Shoe Just Wasn’t Big Enough

Go Figure (apologies that there are no links to some statements, but I wanted to get this out quickly before my fatigue kicks in; I’ll edit later). All this talk about how building companies will suffer if we exit Europe, but with the size of the dole queue you’re not telling me that they couldn’t find … More Go Figure

Corrupt Thought

I apologise that I haven’t had the psychological capacity to write much; I’ve been in meltdown due to deteriorating health, which not helped by the continued medical negligence that I’ve gone through these last 20 years (but I fortunately have a brilliant G.P.). I may write about it; I may not. Anyway, I commented in … More Corrupt Thought

Bit Like Me Pants

Been missing again; too ill, care assessments, ESA form, and now devastated, but still managed to laugh about it: you have to find the comedy in things somehow to cope with this nightmarish existence. Waited since last July for a heart test (after no one believing me but my own G.P. who basically saved my … More Bit Like Me Pants