ANAYSIS: The gigantic job facing Corbyn…or any other UK PM who dares to put citizens first

Another amusing and straight forward analysis of life in general and the state of British politics.

The Slog.


If Conservative smears, media invention, security services black ops and Labour Establishment sour grapes don’t get Jeremy Corbyn, then the EU’s pernicious incompetence, neoliberal banking stranglehold and CIA régime change strategies probably will. My view remains that while he’s there leading a proper Opposition at last, we need to make the most of it – inevitable storms or not. Whether he’s done down by Labour’s fat cats or torpedoed by Mario Draghi, the task that lies ahead of him looks constitutionally, culturally, socially, economically and politically akin to scaling the Eiger’s North Face using treacle for ropes.

The deep cultural malaise into which Britain has collapsed cannot be exaggerated. The irritation of being conned, stitched up and generally made to feel like a forced-labour consuming slave continued right up until the moment I was back on French soil. France is several light years from being Planet Perfect, but at least…

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